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Auntie Inspiration, Where Art Thou

Don’t you just hate those days when your creativity just isn’t making you gush with your own self “ohhs and ahhs?” Me too. And that will always be the very same day when a potential new client who’s a friend of a friend will contact you for services. Ugh… get it together Nina … right right.

The client might have these wild ideas to how they want to look, but yet I feel no energy from them to connect it. Or, they haven’t a clue and want you to build story boards of concepts on your writer’s block day for the first meeting. What the hell do you do? Well this is my attempt to get through it. Sometimes it works, depending on the project. Notice I said sometimes.

I always speak on the phone. Email doesn’t convey vibration or the right kinds of emotions you want feel and hear from them about the subject that will be photographed; especially when it’s THEM.  That way, I can pick up on any instant insecurities and desires. My canvas is completely blank today, so I am looking to the client to actually inspire ME. CODENAME: Auntie Inspiration. Once I find it, I make this a focus of attraction and my lens will be the expression of it.

Next, I tend to research them as much as possible. Internet, portfolios, phone cam pics (yes this one tells me how THEY like to pose to feel confident or attractive) and of course talking to the friends of a friend that spread the word in the first place. A nice glass of Pinot Noir and setting the mood of my personal space comes next.  Now it’s time to let all of this input marinate and vibe with what makes me  “Me” to get the creative juices going.

A few days later, eureka! My brain has rebooted its catalog and all I want to see are things that will make my new attraction, the absolute hottest subject ever! The Muse is being born and I want it all to myself. Lol, I know it’s quirky as hell, and surely I am missing a whole lot of text to describe it. But that’s just it! The creative process just IS, and although there can be a common pattern for jump starting it, the process is still unique to the inspiration it derives.  This applies to subjects that are both living and non-living.  My food photography is like porn to me when I’m excited about it. Don’t be surprised if the shrimp have a new pet name during the photo shoot.

Creative services is just one of those things we cannot always rush, no matter how much someone is willing to pay you for it. At the same time, it’s our responsibility to keep ourselves optimized as much as possible to deliver the best to our clients. I can always tell when a designer, photographer, or other artist wasn’t really excited about the work they put out.  And I cringe at my name taking credit for any end product like that too.