Rants Of An NYC Shutterbug.

Street Shots

Summer In The City

So I installed this pretty cool app on my iPhone called Instagram that enabled me to apply different filter styles to an image. Then, like every other socially enabled application these days, it syndicated the post everywhere.

Nice indeed. But what was even better was the fact that warm weather has finally sent Mother Nature on a much needed vacation. People were less grumpy, old Dominican men were smiling, and the sun was shining. This photo was taken at one of the local bodegas in my neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Was getting some ginger ale and treats for my pets. It was a happy Monday day-off after all.

Gunther Makes A New Friend

So today, our pitbull Gunther (on the left) makes a new friend. 11 month old Maybach was strolling along in the park with his human and the two dogs clicked instantly. Thanks to flipcam, I was able to record them at play. Some of the scenes need major editing because Maybach is not fixed and in serious heat. He would not stop humping my poor doggie in between football throws. The kids in the park were mortified at boy-boy canine love. lmao

I wanted to share this shot because this was half-way through the afternoon play time.  I loved the excitement and brightness in Gunther’s face.  In addition, pitbulls get a horrible reputation which obviously had no bearing on the fun Saturday that we had. These two dogs met for the first time today. Now they are Bros-4-Life.  Moments like this is why I never leave home without a camera.  :-)