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A Must To My Nikon Family

I confess! I’m a Nikoner. From point-n-shoot to serious DSLR. I’ve had other cameras, but the Nikons are the breed that I carry in tow daily. I can’t tell you how many Nikon vs. Canon conversations I’ve had over the years. One of my closest pals, another photographer, is loyal to her suite of Canons and we’ve playfully had shoot-offs to show pride for our breeds. Sony Alphas have now joined the mix, thanks to lovely photographer Oculus, so it certainly keeps things interesting between all of us.

So why this one? Well I already have a D40, D90, and a cutie pie S570. For the type of work I do, D3 doesn’t make my wallet smile and D3000 is a “you gotta be kidding me” model. I used to love the D200, but enjoy the details and improved shared points on the D300 (NOT to be confused with the $500 buck D3000.) So I bumped it just a little higher on the upgrade to more stable ISO and picked the D700.

It’s been out for longer than a year and I’ve been able to research other Nikoner feedback on it. So now, or shall I say very soon, she’s coming home to join her siblings.

A true review from dpphotojournal.com posts: DevHardware reviews the Nikon D700 and writes; “No camera can ever be all things to all people, but from the currently available selection, the D700 is about as close as it gets…To put it simply, the D700 is capable of image quality unmatched at this price. By offering this level of capability and quality at $3,000, Nikon has raised the bar ”

Well that works for me!