Rants Of An NYC Shutterbug.



Congrats NY! Happy Pride!

20110626-095805.jpg We Won!!!

Auntie Inspiration, Where Art Thou


Don't you just hate those days when your creativity just isn't making you gush with your own self "ohhs and ahhs?" Me too. And that will always be the very same day when a potential new client who's a friend of a friend will contact you for services. Ugh... get it together Nina ... right right. The client might have these →

Summer In The City


So I installed this pretty cool app on my iPhone called Instagram that enabled me to apply different filter styles to an image. Then, like every other socially enabled application these days, it syndicated the post everywhere. Nice indeed. But what was even better was the fact that warm weather has finally sent Mother Nature on a much needed vacation. People →

Gunther Makes A New Friend


So today, our pitbull Gunther (on the left) makes a new friend. 11 month old Maybach was strolling along in the park with his human and the two dogs clicked instantly. Thanks to flipcam, I was able to record them at play. Some of the scenes need major editing because Maybach is not fixed and in serious heat. He would →

Youtube? I Think Yes.


I started a youtube channel. Why? I don't know yet, but so far I have been enjoying it. We all spend tons of time watching other people record themselves to teach, share, or entertain. So now, I want to document with this medium as well. As a photographer, I know that I've spent a huge part of my experiences behind →

Glamour Photography And Beyond

Turns out I'm loving this little FlipCam. Subway chat about glamour photography. It's not in great depth, but was still a typical morning on the train. Snap snap, roll camera.

Monday Morning Subway Fail

Bought a Flip a couple of weeks ago. I think me likes. Oh our dog Gunther is gonna be a star!!! But first, I wanted to play journalist and ask my girlfriend about how much she LOVES Mondays. lmao

A Must To My Nikon Family

I confess! I'm a Nikoner. From point-n-shoot to serious DSLR. I've had other cameras, but the Nikons are the breed that I carry in tow daily. I can't tell you how many Nikon vs. Canon conversations I've had over the years. One of my closest pals, another photographer, is loyal to her suite of Canons and we've playfully had shoot-offs →

Happy Hump Day

Okay, okay ... so I've added another blog to the collection. What can I say? I like having different shelves for all the eccentrics pots of goodies that make up Me. Enjoy. The weather is gorgeous and apparently Snooki (aka Snickers) from fist pumping Jersey Shore is being photographed behind my office at Cake Boss' - Carlos Bakery. Yes! I →